Is Alcohol a Drug?

“A good night’s sleep is important for everyone but particularly for people who struggle with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety,” says Volpicelli. “Poor sleep quality can exacerbate existing mental health issues.” At the same time, people with depression may attempt to self-medicate with alcohol. For example, a person with frequent episodes of severe […]

Alcohol Isnt a Controlled Substance, but It’s Regulated: 4 FAQs

The CSA categorizes drugs based on their potential for abuse and medical benefits. Although many ask, Is alcohol a controlled substance, it’s notable that alcohol does not fall under the controlled substances list in the CSA. Alcohol is governed by other laws and acts due to its unique characteristics, potential for misuse, and widespread consumption. […]

Goodbye Letter to Addiction Template Download Printable PDF

It also provides examples and strategies for healthily navigating feelings of paranoia. A is a heartfelt expression of bidding farewell to the clutches of substance dependency. If you or someone you care about is seeking support for their addiction challenges, we are here to offer our assistance. This is where your journey towards healing […]

How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Addiction Banyan Heartland

Download our template for precise evaluation and treatment planning. Discover effective strategies to manage ruminating thoughts with our comprehensive worksheet, designed for mental health improvement and cognitive clarity. Use the template as a guide to express feelings towards addiction genuinely. Honesty about its impact on the client’s life, including the moments when they felt scared […]